About Kids Connect

Kids Connect, Inc. is a non-profit, after school tutoring program offering one to one educational services to students in grades 1 through 12. We tutor in basic math, Geometry, Algebra, Physics, Chemistry and language arts. Each one to one session is with a highly qualified tutor, many of whom are teachers in the Natick School System. Cost is $60 per hour. Scholarships are available, as are adjusted rates.


  • to provide an innovative, educational program for the youth of Natick;
  • to support and enhance the educational skills of the youth in creative ways;
  • to support the development of self confidence in the students’ ability to learn;
  • to collaborate with the schools and other groups and agencies which work with Natick’s youth;
  • to nurture an atmosphere of creativity and acceptance for Natick’s youth, their parents and their teachers.