Dear Friends,

There is nothing sexy about tutoring…nothing heart wrenching and nothing that creates a tug on your emotional strings…except when you see a child light up because math isn’t scary anymore, or he writes his first wonderful, insightful short story or he or she realizes that they aren’t “stupid” and that they can dream again of being someone successful or important. Kids Connect has been blessed to see those faces light up for almost ten years. We see failing students who end up on the Honor roll, children who were in Special Education because they might learn differently, figure out what works for them and begin to talk about college…children who had withdrawn and almost given up, become funny and competent and show their enjoyment at learning new skills.

Since Kids Connect incorporated in late 1999, we have served several thousand boys and girls in one to one tutoring tailored to their individual needs.

If you have seen our program at work, you know that we struggle every day to pay the bills, keep our wonderful tutors and not turn any child away. In order to continue to serve the youth of Natick, we need your help.

I am asking you to support our fund raising events, tell your friends about our program and events and if you work for or know of a company that we should be contacting for support, please send the information to me.

Please support Kids Connect now by making a tax deductable donation online at www.kids-connect.org. You may also send a check to Kid’s Connect, 43 Main Street, Natick, MA 01760.

Thank you for being involved with Kids Connect and we hope your student is doing well.


Deb Sayre, M. Ed., Program Director
Diane Young, Assistant Director

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